School Fee Structure 2021
  • EFTPOS facilities now available
  • Year 6 students will be charged an additional $380 per child for camp. Please add this to your fee total. 

  • ICT Levy  - Please add this levy to your child's fees.

  • KG to Year 3 – $100.00 per child

  • Year 4 to Year 6 – $200.00 per child

  • Kindergarten students attend for 60% of the week, therefore Kindy fees are calculated as approx 60% of Tuition & Building Levy Fee.
  • The 2021 amount payable by eligible HCC holders will be $300 per child for Tuition Fees.

  • The 2021  eligible HCC holders will pay $90.00 for Building Levy.

  • An Enrolment Acceptance Fee of $70.00 is payable at the time of acceptance of your child in St Francis Of Assisi CPS. This Fee will be deducted from your Tuition Fee. 

  • If for some reason you decide not to attend St Francis Of Assisi CPS after payment of the $70.00, please note this fee is non refundable.

  • Parents who are not on a regular payment plan to begin 2021, will be required to have their fees finalised by August 31st

  • Please see Mrs Bastian if you have any queries or email geneve.bastian@cewa.edu.au