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SEQTA Engage

Academic reports that are generated by St Francis of Assisi Catholic Primary School will be made available as PDF documents to parents/guardians on SEQTA Engage. Families with multiple children at a school will be able to view their children’s information from the one SEQTA Engage account. Parents/guardians can only view students reports relating to their own child/children.


Welcome Email (Set up of username and password)

You would have received a welcome email to set up SEQTA Engage. The email was sent to the address recorded with the school, so please ensure you have given St Francis a current and up to date email address. This email provides you with step-by-step instructions on how SEQTA Engage can be accessed. By following the prompts, you create your own username and password.


How to login into SEQTA Engage

SEQTA Engage can be accessed in two ways:

1.      Through the App- the App is available for iOS and Android devices.

·         Click ‘manual set up’ on app

·         Enter the school’s web address:

·         Click ‘Continue’

·         Enter the 'username' and 'password'

2.      Through the URL on a computer

·         Enter the school’s SEQTA Engage website

·         Enter ‘username’ and ‘password’

·         Click Log in


If you are unable to login using your username and password

1.      Try logging in

2.      Click ‘Request Code’

3.      Enter your username and email address

4.      Click ‘Request code’

5.      Check your email entered to create a new password.


If you have any further queries or require assistance, please contact or call the school office.

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