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Vision Statement

St Francis of Assisi Catholic Primary School aspires to be a community where each individual is respected as a uniquely gifted creation of God, and where all are encouraged to grow in faith, love, knowledge and service to others in the light of the Gospels.


The School’s Motto “Be Faithful”

The motto: ‘Be faithful’, reminds us that God is always faithful to his promises and calls us to be true to all that is important, both in the sacred and secular terms; faithful to God, His message, Church, family, friends, school, community and country.


School Crest


The sun setting over the sea locates St Francis of Assisi Catholic Primary School (SFOA) in its Australian coastal community in the locality of Butler. The children holding hands represent the vision of the school as a community where all are friends and each person cares for each other. The cross, the most recognisable sign of Christianity, represents Christ at the heart of the community.

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