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Why did the school decide on the name St Francis of Assisi?

A hardworking committee researched and presented three names as recommendations.  Over the past 12 months, the school has worked with the Archbishop to request a change of name to more closely align with the charism of a chosen Saint.  St Francis of Assisi was our first preference.

St Francis of Assisi became a channel of God’s peace to the world, its people and its creatures. Pope Francis draws inspiration from St. Francis, whose example was that care for the environment goes hand in hand with reverence for all human beings, describing Francis as “the man of poverty, the man of peace, the man who loves and protects creation”. These qualities are synonymous with our school motto, ‘Be Faithful’.  He believed that nature itself was the mirror of God and treated all creatures as his brothers and sisters. He created the first Christmas Nativity. He is the patron saint animals and the environment. His Feast Day is celebrated by all Christians on the 4th October.


Would we have a special Feast Day with celebrations?  Will there be a statue or picture of our School’s patron saint?

St Francis celebrates his Feast Day on October 4th. This date normally falls within the school holidays, therefore we would celebrate St Francis’ Feast Day on a school day at the end of Term 3 or beginning of Term 4.

Will my child be taught on the story and life of St Francis of Assisi and why our school chose this Saint?

Yes. As a school community we will spend time learning about St Francis and his mission. This will involve sharing with the children why St Francis is a role model for our community.


When will be officially known as ‘St Francis of Assisi Catholic Primary School’?

From the beginning of Term 1, 2020 we will be known as St Francis of Assisi Catholic Primary School.


Will the name change affect my child in any way?

No, the new name will not affect your child’s education in any way. We are still committed to offering the same outstanding, faith-filled education we have always provided to our students.

Will there be new signage around the school advertising our new name?

Yes. We will endeavor to work with our community to ensure the branding around the school grounds is prominent, as well as to our external community. We will celebrate this exciting time with a focused marketing strategy to inform the wider community.

How long can students wear the current BCPS uniform?

There will be a 2-year phase in period. At the start of 2022 all students from Year 1 to Year 6 would be expected to be wearing the school uniform with our St Francis of Assisi logo.


Will the current school uniform change?

We will have the new name ‘St Francis of Assisi’ changed on our school logo. The uniform colours and design will not change.  The only items that will change are our white shirts, school dress, sport polo tops, school jumper and school tracksuit jacket as they have the logo on them. Our school bags will have the new logo, however, at this stage, school bags are not compulsory.

When will families be able to purchase the new items of uniform?

We envisage new uniforms with be available to purchase in Term 4 2020, however, this is an approximate time at this stage.

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