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The study of a second language develops communication skills.  Speaking a second language boosts cognitive, memory and listening skills.

When we learn languages it’s more than just words; we learn about people, cultures and history and see the world through other people’s eyes. We develop an understanding of another culture and a different worldview which can foster tolerance.

Here at St Francis of Assisi Catholic, we offer we offer a vibrant, fun and communicative Italian Second Language Program for Years 3 to 6 with classes of an hour per week. Students are given the opportunity to experience the richness of Italian language and culture. The program is designed to enhance student language proficiency by developing speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.  Italian language and culture are reinforced through a mix of activities including- singing, cooking, art, role play, gardening, performance and playing games with access to native speakers when possible.

Areas of study include basic conversation, instructions and routines, self and family, daily activities, sports and pastimes, food, customs and culture.

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