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In 2024, there will be NO BOOKLIST as we have introduced a BOOKLIST FEE for each child. This ensures that ALL children start the school year with the necessary items for learning. Much consideration was put into this initiative with consultation with both the Parents and Friends Association and School Advisory Council. The benefits include:

  1. Reduced costs

  2. Reduced parent stress prior to school returning

  3. Equity of access to learning tools

In 2024, the booklist fee will be added to your school fees and parents will not have to coordinate a booklist (except for a couple of items listed below). The fee will be $45 per child for Kindy and $60 per child for PP - 6. 

Please click on the link below to access the list of SCHOOL SUPPLIES for each year level. This information was disseminated at the conclusion of last year via SeeSaw.

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