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Friends of Francis

At St. Francis of Assisi we believe that positive student recognition is a great incentive and motivator of continued student progress and good behaviour.


Regular reward and recognition is important in boosting student morale and enthusiasm for learning. Students learn most effectively in a safe and consistent environment where they are supported and rewarded for positive behaviours. Good discipline involves the development of appropriate, responsible attitudes and behaviour in students.


Our Whole School Reward system is called Friends of Francis.

Our aim is to implement an awards system which:

  • Emphasises appropriate student behaviour and actions.

  • Recognises achievement and improvement in academic, social and behavioural areas.

  • Promotes the development of self‐esteem of students within a nurturing school environment.

  • Uses a consistent approach that utilises a standard language related to the school’s core values of and code of conduct.


We reward students actively demonstrating our School Values of Respect, Responsibility and Honesty.


Students who demonstrate expected behaviours will be awarded a raffle ticket in the playground. Students will also receive a token to add to their faction collection tube which then contributes to faction and whole school rewards. 

Teaching and modelling how to be a respectful and responsible member of the school community leads to a safe and supportive learning environment where everyone can thrive.

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