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St Francis of Assisi School Improvement Journey

Quality Catholic Education School Review

In 2022, St Francis of Assisi underwent the Quality Catholic Education School Review (QCESR) process, which utilises the Quality Catholic Education Framework to review the school's improvement journey. The review focuses on the four domains of Catholic Identity, Education, Community and Stewardship. Below is the link to read the outcomes of the recview.

National School Improvement Survey

In 2022, the school also sought the feedback from all stakeholders on our school improvement journey since 2019 by undertaking the National School Improvement (NSI) survey. This survey was completed by over 100 parents  and  focused on the community aspect of our school and their overall satisfaction with SFOA, also identifying areas for improvement. The summary of parent responses were collated and are attached below. 

School Performance Data

Click below for the 2021 Annual School Report

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