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Learning Support

At St Francis of Assisi we offer a range of programs to support students in Literacy and Numeracy. We offer:

  • MiniLit and MacqLit

  • Reinforced Reading

  • Small group numeracy support



The Mini Lit and MacqLit program complements our whole school program from Kindy to Year 2. MiniLit and MacqLit is an evidence-based, explicit and effective early literacy intervention program for teaching reading skills to children who are below expected range for their age group in Year 1 or 2.


MacqLit is an explicit and systematic reading intervention program for small groups of low-progress readers from Year 3 to Year 6. The aim of the program is to develop to develop rapid, automatic and efficient word recognition strategies. 

MiniLit and MacqLit are delivered by trained educational assistants and teachers. The programs are designed to accelerate students’ progress to the average level of their class as quickly as possible so that they might obtain maximum benefit from classroom instruction. 


Reinforced Reading lessons focus on developing problem-solving strategies, and supports the student to improve reading accuracy, reading fluency, and reading comprehension.


Students who participate in these programs are those most in need of literacy support after one year of school, regardless of status. Students making slower progress, finding it difficult to accelerate their literacy will be closely monitored throughout the program following the recommended procedures. 

At St Francis of Assisi we offer small group numeracy support to meet the individual needs of each child who are experiencing difficulty in learning mathematics in the early years and beyond. All learning experiences involve children being withdrawn from the classroom, during Mathematics sessions in small groups, by a specialist teacher, where they work both collaboratively to solve Mathematical problems, in order to maximise each child’s opportunity to learn.  

Social and Emotional Support

At St Francis of Assisi we put great emphasis on the wellbeing of our students. Due to this we offer two social and emotional programs at our school:

  • Aussie Optimism

  • Seasons for Growth

Aussie Optimism is a small group program run by trained educational assistants and teachers. The Aussie Optimism Program was developed to reduce and prevent anxiety and depression in children and adolescents. Aussie Optimism also develops and promotes positive mental health in children, adolescents and school communities. Aussie Optimism is run by our social worker, educational assistants and teacher on a weekly basis in small groups. Aussie Optimism teaches practical skills and strategies relating to social and emotional wellbeing and problem-solving in children.

Seasons for Growth is a loss and grief group education program to support children who are affected by change, loss and grief. The program covers loss and grief associated death, family breakdown, or any other form of separation. Seasons for Growth aims to strengthen social and emotional wellbeing of children by exploring the impact of the change and loss on everyday life and learning new ways to respond to that change. This program is run in small groups by our own Social Worker, Julie Ford.

At St Francis of Assisi we also have created a space for students to go utilise when sensory stimulation or relaxation is required, called a Sensory Room. A Sensory Room is a sensory space designed for our students with additional needs. It is designed by looking at the five senses: sight, sound, smell, touch and taste.

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