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St Francis of Assisi Catholic Primary school offers a specialist Science program for all children from Pre-Primary to Year 6.

In their weekly lesson, children learn about the Science all around them through a range of challenges, investigations and practical hands on activities that enable them to test their predictions, acquire new knowledge and come to conclusions based on their results. 

Children are encouraged to question everything, make many predictions and to recognise that failure is all part of the learning process.  During our lessons, we have many successes, but children also learn that things don’t always go to plan and we may have to improve and refine our methods to overcome this.

Our Science lessons have a strong emphasis on the key skills of collaborative learning, teamwork, effective communication and problem solving, which are key skills that will help to prepare our students for the roles of the future.    

We have regular, engaging Science incursions that provide children with the opportunity to extend their Science knowledge.  They learn about the valuable contributions and the role of various Scientists through the Skype a Scientist program, which enables them to have a live question and answer session with a real life Scientist.

Children have a natural curiosity about their world and we want to nurture this during Science.  We want children to be excited about their weekly lesson, engaged whilst there and leave the Science room eager to explore further. 

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